To achieve these results, the NPMO:. While some areas of the North experienced positive changes in employment, others did not fare as well in terms of reporting annual employment growth rate. Community Development and their related Sub-Programs, FTEs are allocated based on the proportionate share of the contribution funding. For contribution funding, CanNor relies on recipients to capture performance measurement information and report it to the Agency. This NPMO work often begins during the project exploration phase and takes on even greater importance during environmental assessment and regulatory permitting.

A strong focus was placed on providing analysis and recommendations on new and amended legislation to government partners, as well as providing key information and analysis to industry stakeholders on the impact of these changes to major resource development projects. Return to endnote 9 referrer. Interventions through Aboriginal economic development contributions programming ensure that Aboriginal communities and community economic development organizations have planning capacity and access to professional economic support and advisory services. CanNor identified the CWBI as a useful indicator to measure community development program activity, using two components: This work influenced the inclusion of an infrastructure category known as “northern infrastructure”, which is only applicable in the Territories and provides more flexibility to northern governments in terms of infrastructure priorities. During the reporting year, the Agency developed new mechanisms to gather program performance data using clear and simple procedures, forms and processes.

ARCHIVED – Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency – Departmental Performance Report

Well-informed, evidence-based policy decisions reflecting opportunities and challenges of the northern economy while considering business and community development potential and best practices. In addition, actual spending related to NPMO and other CanNor salary costs were lower than anticipated due to the timing of the funding and the associated ramping up of activities in the northern offices. The Agency carried out significant engagement sessions with partners and stakeholders on the redesign of the Aboriginal economic development suite of programs.

Therefore, CanNor factors legal risk into its activities. Support is also provided to Aboriginal organizations that play a key role in the consideration of these projects. These forums allow representatives from the federal, territorial and regulatory boards to convene and discuss issues related to the review process. Finally, definitions of terminology are now provided in an appendix. CanNor also ensures that these practices reflect the role played by comprehensive land claims and Aboriginal self-government agreements in the North.


Return to endnote 2 referrer. One of NEI ‘s seven indicators is territorial trade balance. Below are examples for each region of some of the smaller-scale projects funded under this sub-program. Non-financial assets include leasehold improvements and vehicles for which the net value is decreasing mostly because of amortization expenses.

Increased efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in the management of federal environmental approval processes and other federal administrative processes.

The Arctic Economic Council, which held its inaugural meeting in Iqaluit, Nunavut at the beginning of September will facilitate an Arctic-to Arctic dialogue which will allow Northerners to share best practices and information while fostering northern business development.

As identified in the Management Action Plan Endnote 4 which was developed in response to an audit conducted by the Office of busihess Auditor General OAG inCanNor has addressed concerns raised regarding contribution programs delivery. This approach is reflected in how often a CanNor investment is supplemented by that of a partner.

aandc departmental business plan

If another type that is specific to the department is introduced, an explanation of its meaning must be provided. Footnotes Footnote 1 Type is defined as follows: Risks relate to ensuring that scarce resources are allocated to priority activities and need to be aligned with the complex and fast-changing northern economy.

This informs the federal perspective on northern economic development and influences CanNor’s and other government departments’ response to challenges and opportunities. Project-specific technical working groups related to particular aspects buxiness a project were also organized to facilitate the sharing of information between the proponents, federal and territorial departments, Aboriginal governments and organizations, and the appropriate review board.

Project-specific technical working groups related to particular aspects of a project were also organized to facilitate the sharing of information between the proponents, federal and territorial departments, Aancd governments and organizations, and the implicated review boards. Working in partnership can create risks.


aandc departmental business plan

Type is defined as follows: RDAGs enable proponents to present their proposed projects to, and seek feedback from, the relevant regulatory boards and federal and territorial departments and agencies in advance of entering the review process. To achieve these results, the NPMO:. Percent of project agreements provided to federal regulators within 1 month of the project being submitted for screening with a northern regulatory board. CanNor’s performance measurement strategies and indicators are updated systematically as programs are renewed.

Federal Framework for Aboriginal Economic Development.

CanNor carried out analytical work to identify infrastructure and labour market needs as they relate to proposed major resource development projects, and developed community infrastructure profiles to better identify strengths and opportunities. Funding through NABEP enabled the colleges to offer an expanded suite of learning opportunities to working-age Northerners in order to enhance their basic education skills.

Our programs provided support for community involvement in major resource development projects, contributed to business capacity and innovation, enhanced participation in local labour markets, and helped to improve infrastructure such as day care centres and community centers.

Gaps in infrastructure and the high cost of doing business in the North are also factors affecting the pace of responsible resource development in the region.

ARCHIVED – Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency – 2013-14 Departmental Performance Report

CanNor’s funding programs are proposal-driven; therefore, some years some programs may be businexs or, as is the case inslightly under-subscribed. The supplementary information tables listed in the —14 Departmental Performance Report can be found on the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency’s website. This is offset by other under-subscribed sub-programs.