If you do not submit the thesis before the new deadline, you have used the second out of the three attempts to pass the thesis. Specifically for students of Journalism cand. Plagiarism is not acceptable and in serious cases students risk to be expelled from the university. In this case, you will have to hand in your thesis for the reexamination, with a submission deadline that is 3 month after the first deadline. When you have handed in the project in WISEflow it will automatically be send to supervisor and external examiner. Marie Louise Bro Pold.

Course description and guidelines for written assignments. Learn about the the rules for collecting and processing personal data GDPR. Rather, the coordinators will use the statement to find supervisors for students that have not yet found a supervisor as of 1 December. Thesis submission statement – School of Education. Handing in the project in WISEflow. You can only change your supervisor in exceptional circumstances, and you must submit an application to do this.

Once you have uploaded your thesis, it is not possible to withdraw it.

Bachelor’s project

For each student, participation in two meetings is required: Handing in the Bachelor’s project. Harassment, bullying and discrimination. BachelorBuddy is a platform, where you can contact other students who are searching for study partners for their bachelor project on the 6th semester.

aarhus bss thesis

Counselling may commence 6 months prior to the date of submission. For students enrolled as of 1 Septemberthe period of writing will be reduced to four months.

Bachelor’s Thesis

Furthermore, it is the largest business and social sciences unit in Denmark at university level with a broad academic scope. For this reason, it is important that the group members both work well together and are socially compatible.


You may not submit your thesis in the semester in which you have been on leave. If you want to take leave of absence, you should do so in the semester prior to submission.

In the rare instances of problems between you and your supervisor, first try to sort it out with the supervisor by mentioning your concerns or issues to the supervisor.

When you upload your bachelor’s project in WISEflow, you must indicate in the ‘Cover’ whether the project contains confidential bsx. Step-by-step guide to thesis writing: Applying for a thesis supervisor.

Prior to your re-registration, you must discuss the revised thesis statement with your supervisor. If thwsis use e-Boks, your cetificate will be issued to your e-Boks. Read more about maximum period of studies.

aarhus bss thesis

Below you will find a complete list of supervisors in the individual departments and their individual fields of expertise. Assessment of thesid thesis. You conclude on you hypothesis and on your actual results.

Submission of thesis

If you use interviews as data collection, there are no formal requirements that you transcribe interviews. Identical course descriptions for each institution have been made and can be found here: Study Centre Arts in Aarhus. Even though your thesis is confidential, you must upload it to Theses bss.

Guidelines for written assignments.

If you are looking for a writing partner or a member for your bachelor project group, you can sign up for BachelorBuddy in Blackboard. It is also a good idea to discuss the supervision process and agree how, where and when you will meet and what kind of supervision will be provided. Power points Master’s thesis workshop – November Master’s thesis workshop Advanced article search.


Guidelines for writing your thesis report

Plagiarism is not acceptable and in serious cases students risk to be expelled from the university. When you upload your Master’s thesis in WISEflow, you must indicate in the ‘Cover’ whether the thesis contains confidential material. The report should be written in Danish or English with a summary in English.

It is a good idea to start looking for material already to ensure that you have it when you need it in the thesis process. The purpose of the Bachelor’s project is to give students an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to independently formulate a business-related problem statement within a given topic, select relevant literature, apply methodologies, collect and process data, make critical assessments, conduct analyses and conclude on the question raised in the problem statement.

Oral defence The department will send you information regarding the oral defence of the thesis either via mail or Blackboard. Registration for the Master’s thesis.