Edith as a manager could talk to April and tell her where she needs to improve in order to be promoted and help achieve her goals. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Instrumentality is also a factor that Lauren must increase. Low — Medium Tom is more interested in spending time traveling with his wife and preparing for retirement Tom is currently planning for retirement, to keep him engaged in maintaining his sales goals, Edith can let him leave at 3pm on a Friday twice a month. This lesson explains how expectancy theory is Brad measures performance by the quality and Paula, use quantity to measure performance.

After much consideration and research into the issues that were counterproductive for the company as a whole, management has decided to implement the following policies for the company as a whole:. In the case of Paula, she does not link high effort with performance. If any of these are low it will cause an employee to be less motivated Vroom, , If they want time off, they can use it but if they don’t they can receive money for those days. He now uses overtime only when there are multiple IT issues on big accounts so he does not lose days in the next pay period. It is instead based on how long one has been with the company.

By increasing the rewards for things in her control like bringing in new clients, Jessica has experienced an increase in her expectancy since her hard work is the primary factor to her success.

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case study on vrooms expectancy theory

A good example is Jess. Expectancy theory or expectancy theory of motivation proposes that an individual will behave or act in a certain way because they are motivated to select a specific Tom is 62 years old and began contemplating retirement at the beginning of the merger.


In the case of Paula, she does not link high effort with performance.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: She is a single mom with two children in daycare. The link between hard work and success is low which leads to lowering her overall motivation. You are commenting using your Google account. On the other hand, Brad perceives quality work as a better measure of performance rather than meeting his quota. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This included ensuring the campaign reaches objectives and stay on pace, especially since there are product deadlines to contend with.

She can put in a lot of effort by producing all good work and fall behind, or she can slack on some and meet her quota.

Case study analysis: Vroom’s Expectancy Theory – Melissa Andrew

Work Attitudes and Motivation. They will be rewarded for consistency and reaching fiscal goals per quarter. Wiki Bank is a local bank with a small town feel. Journal of Applied Psychology, 81 5 Evaluations will be conducted for each department at the end of each quarter.

This change will raise instrumentality of the artists as it gives them a reason and incentive to go above and beyond.

case study on vrooms expectancy theory

Lauren could also put in a policy of firing people who abuse overtime as it hurts the company. As with Brad and Paula, both have the same goal and company measure of good performance, 10 good ads and websites a daybut both have a different personal idea of what is a good performance.


case study on expectancy theory of motivation

This site uses cookies. As a result, the company has the added challenge of frustration from current clients and which requires time and effort on behalf of the sales representative to have to go revisit these customers who are at risk of taking away from their current campaign.

Another thing lowering the instrumentality of the employees is the lack of any reward for good work in a timely fashion.

case study on vrooms expectancy theory

With the artist, they have a quota that is not possible for them to adequately obtain. By lowering the benefit for working excessive overtime, the employees will be encouraged to work xepectancy. Edith values her job enough to keep it, but not enough to pursue more. This site uses cookies.

Case study analysis: Vroom’s Expectancy Theory – Melissa Andrew

Since he is salaried employee his office hours are from pm. He is paid hourly but overtime is frowned upon since it takes away from company profits. Library Review, 56 9 Report a bug Atlassian News.

Edith knows that she has invested a lot of her life to her job and knows she will not find a better position somewhere else. She often finds the demands of her position to be overwhelming and does not feel compensated for her work there.