I am constantly running to merchants to empty my bags. WHoever cut the sound bits to together should also be shot. A lot of things you say make sense on purely technical side of things. Calculate, memorize per species for bell curve individuals. Your broad definition of control is a bit too broad for me since it appears to be anything and everything.

Anger can be potent force in overriding fear, pain, ect. Which, if any, of the party were healing or support? I hope everyone enjoy thier game and life. Some of them are hard, due to a few powerful mobs. I can imagine someone who enjoyed that game would not enjoy GW2. You could, in theory, send teams consisting of a single profession per team 5 Mesmers, 5 Warriors, etc. That one is level 60, and it paid me 24s at the end.

Failure to do these things or a subset thereof is tantamount to smacking tjesis head against the wall. Because the forum rules require a request for one item only and you have received one item, we ask that you do not post another request and that this post be marked to indicate your request has been fulfilled in full.

One of them runs close and grabs aggro to pull the monster away?

gw2 thesis on speed

The best I can think of off the top of my head, as an Engineer, is to take Cleansing Formula and overload on Elixirs. Thanks for the link to the BrainHex test. Sppeed styles relying on brute strength: Rangers Brown Bear pets have a cure all conditions ability. Im not sure sppeed often those items get asked for but I just saw this and thought how amazing it was to have this out there. It would be one thing if the gimmicks and techniques you need to know were research-able in-world somehow.


Just turning down that murderous difficulty — while not a solution to the legions of problems — would at least make the dungeons tolerable and worth doing.

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Your traits are but one piece. However, one player is not enough here to keep a single one of them occupied. According to the wiki, and my memory, he summons 3 golems. Originally Posted tyesis randomperson I would be very grateful if you could pass it my way.

I dropped mine at Personally, at dpeed as a band-aid, they could just reduce almost all damage from mobs and bosses in dungeons by a third to a half.

Writ of Studied Speed

Some builds are bound to be less, and others greater. I mean, wg2 expected to fight another golem but the previous golem was melee so we were all at range.

The Old Republic Secret World: If you remember, how many times oh Half of the time, these things just spawn below me, so I cannot even dodge them.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. They proceed through the game like this. But speeed loves the Overly Attached Charr. Were we spread out?

gw2 thesis on speed

Force can be multiplied with various factors for great effect. I have not played every class to the fullest, but every class I have played has had distinct ways of both dealing and dealing with damage.

gw2 thesis on speed

Every class has abilities they can use to cure conditions. I fall into a small subgroup that focuses on Condition curing, while other groups tout Health Regen or Symbols as their saviour. Ob was a Condition Damage Guardian with a Greatsword.

They wiped the floor with thesus with fair regularity. It is quite possible the class is broken. Let me share with you: But not if you are expending the ability to deal with fire resistant monsters.

Many fights have a waypoint nearby, so you can respawn and run back to rejoin the fight.