The HPAT is comprised of three sections. No part of this post is in any way sponsored. There are lots of different methods for answering Section 3 questions like , , mapping, counting and common base. You are not allowed to rip it or anything like that. Do you get rough work paper before the exam? Excessive stress will make it difficult to concentrate on a given question, so try to stay calm. Coming up to the HPAT exam, I aimed to get a full sample test done on a Saturday morning and then work through the corresponding solutions during the week.

There are lots of things you can do. Try and meet up with someone else doing the exam to swap tactics, the way you approached questions and just general observations. There is no point in doing HPAT style questions if you do not spend the time trying to understand the solutions afterwards. The emphasis is on the application of skills in reasoning and problem solving. Is the language used by the candidate precise and appropriate? What kinds of ideas has the candidate developed in response to the prompt?

What is the written communication section of the HPAT Ulster?

Each of your pieces of writing will be marked by at least two raters working independently. I started by doing sets of questions at a time.

Reminder Email 2 – Wednesday 13 February Otherwise, hpaf can cancel your exam. It can be long and tedious.

hpat essay questions

Results released late June two thousand eighteen. Try to do sample tests when you are fully alert so you are in a essaj position to absorb and analyse information.

Their names are changed. Before the exam, I would practice doing Section 3 style questions and then questiojs through the solutions. Because they are adjusted statistically which is quite possibly a euphemism for bell-curved. Once it all starts, it flies by. As you can imagine, there is a doctor in the house or 10so we are delighted to answer your questions sent in via Instagram.


HPAT tips straight from the horse’s mouth – Leaving Cert Notes and Sample Answers

As per the amount of time spent on preparation, it questilns best to focus on the amount of work you get done, not the time spent doing it. I suggest doing the sample exam on a Saturday morning as this is when you will be doing the real HPAT exam. Practice putting yourself in the situation presented in the passage, be empathetic and honest when answering the questions.

Candidates only have 30 minutes to plan and write each essay, and the examiners do not have unrealistic expectations of what can be produced in that time. When the time is over for the section, you cannot go back if you have spare time from another section.

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Also, compared to the Leaving Cert, they are both high pressure exams with a lot depending on the results, so no wonder they are hyped up. There is no need to cram for the HPAT.

No, but you are allowed to write in the margins. Nuance is the only thing they will ask you about. Pencils are not acceptable.

hpat essay questions

Stay as relaxed as possible and try to stay positive. I recommend doing one or two ACER exams the week before too as they are that little bit easier and will give you a confidence boost before the big day.

In other words, the examining body can remove certain questions even though you spent valuable time on them. I started by doing sets of questions at a time. Concentrate on your weaknesses more than your strengths, but swap this idea the week before and on the day.


Speed always means you lose the nuance. Different people approach the HPAT in different ways, however, I found it most beneficial to dedicate some practice on separate sections every evening this may seem like lot but everyone is different.

hpat essay questions

Because they are adjusted statistically which is quite essat a euphemism for bell-curved. Written English UL applicants Good preparation for the Written English component is to attempt the sample essay prompts provided below. Every effort has been made to ensure that this information is accurate, but given that it can change, please always prioritise guidance your receive from the examining body, ACER, the CAO and the institution you are applying to.

You have to train your mind quewtions you would your body.

This piece of research has sesay that repeating your HPAT improves your score, especially in Section 3 the rules have changed since so it may not be as relevant, but it is a well known fact that people improve at IQ tests if they do lots of them.

Reminder Email 1 – Monday 11 February Try to understand why the people around you feel the way they do. What are the chances I will get the marks I need?