A simple but effective function machine. This resource also contains a printable worksheet. I think of 2 numbers. Introduction to enlargements Tablet enabled – iPad Android more I have attached resources for both.

Higher Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Before you start plotting functions why not use this ten minute starter activity to test how well your pupils are able to place and read coordinates. An interactive and highly visual resource to help entrench the concept of units. The Talking Partners Videos require the students to decide which character has given the correct solution to the problem. Another beautiful geometric proof to help your pupils understand Pythagoras. Also useful for illustrating how to represent fractions in their simplest form.

Before you start plotting functions why not use this ten minute starter activity to test how well your pupils solvig able to place and read coordinates. Identify equivalent fractions and percentages.

ngfl maths problem solving

I slightly adapted it because the class teacher was working on area and perimeter in class. Answers are also provided.

PS there are other brilliant interactive introductions to interesting investigations on this website; I particularly like the tower of hanoi puzzle and the leapfrog puzzlewhich like the last two puzzles require the children to use a table to collect data, then analyse data to find patterns before expressing relationships algebraically.


Talking partners video equation of a parallel line. In this game you must use your knowledge of moments to balance the seesaw and save the princess.

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This is an ideal resource for illustrating concepts and setting problems. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

What are the two numbers? The displacement-time graph game Tablet enabled oroblem iPad Android more Can they spot the misconceptions and correct the incorrect answer? This powerful application has a host of features including a protractor and the ability to view your graph in 3D. I have uploaded smartbord files accompanying these activities to the tes website.

matgs You can test two fractions to see which is bigger by showing a visual representation of the fraction. The property developer’s dilemma This is part xolving of two wonderful resources on Loci commissioned by the forward-thinking gents at the NGfL-Cymru. An activity to teach pupils to identify scalar and vector quantities. Is 2x a factor? Choose between a positive quadrant grid or all four quadrants. Not seeing what you want? Everything hyperlinks from there. A motion simulator that helps pupils understand the relationship between real-world motion and how it is represented using displacement-time, velocity-time and acceleration-time graphs.

See the rainforest post for a picture, or click here to download resources. Learn how to interpret pie charts with this interactive resource.


ngfl maths problem solving

There are 5 problems created in PowerPoint and each question gives students a helping hand, pointers or clues on how to tackle the problem.

The ultimate reaction test Tablet enabled – iPad Android more The strategy taught then was based on a guess and test approach. Sticking with an algebra theme we are now investigating Fibonacci sequences.

Drawing bearings Tablet enabled – iPad Android more LT Finding All Possibilities 1. Part one of a truly outstanding suite of three resources to help with the teaching of enlargements.

This resource also includes printable worksheets.

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I have this activity in the context of area and in the context of mountains. You need to click here, then download the complete zipped file.

ngfl maths problem solving

Venn diagrams Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Ideal for teaching pupils how to identify equivalent fractions. Backwards function machine Tablet enabled – iPad Android more