By being able to talk to a variety of children, it meant that I had started to develop my communication skills with the pupils, teachers and parents, and being able to adapt to each type of person. Your second referee must be a responsible person who knows you, and who can provide a character reference for you and comment on your suitability for teaching ideally a headmaster or teacher who has supervised your work experience in a school. However I look forward to working in the education system and believe I could help and inspire students to develop their future aspirations. It is aimed at non-English speaking students aged Example personal statement for PGCE secondary I became interested in teaching after realising how much I had benefited from excellent and passionate teachers. The personal statement of your teaching application is by far the most important part of it.

Job sectors Apprenticeships Working abroad Gap year Self-employment. I have recently completed a placement at Grange Park which is a specialist autism school which I enjoyed very much. I was inspired to become a teacher during my second year at university through the module, Health and Exercise Promotion. Search postgraduate courses in teaching. The intensive nature of the course encourages meaningful relationships to develop and all the teachers were actively involved in personal and pastoral care.

Through this experience and through being a lifeguard, I have learnt the need to be very patient with some children. I believe I have the drive and enthusiasm as a teacher to make learning fun and to foster a discovering of self potential because of my subject knowledge, experience and wide background as well as the ability to relate to people in the 11 — 18 age group.

In addition, PE obviously plays a role in supporting the Government initiatives for healthy eating and cutting obesity in children.

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International students Parents and family Applicants New students. I was allowed to devise my own teaching methods and I received great satisfaction when the children showed understanding and statemebt.

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These are real examples, but pgre course personal details have been altered. One student was worried that either way she was not going to be following one of the instructions. In working with potentially more vulnerable students such as SEN learners I saw the role played by support staff in maintaining control of the classroom, particularly with those who can be disruptive when under stimulated.

I learned a great deal from the classes and as a teacher I hope to continue discovering and learning along with my students. Search graduate jobs Job profiles Work experience and internships Employer profiles What job would suit me?

Personap the psychology courses I have followed I have always had a particular interest when it was of relevance to children. What else have you done to show you enjoy working with young people or children?

I learned the importance of differentiating lesson plans to educate and personak students with special needs and the power of strategies such as a well thought out seating plan and friendly competitiveness in learners.

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I feel it will be a career that will be immensely rewarding and can offer me job satisfaction. Why you want to teach at secondary level.

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If I were given the opportunity I would be keen to participate in ways that would allow me to utilise some of my abilities e. Getting a job CVs and cover letters. Your referee should be able to comment in detail about your suitability for your chosen PGCE courses and any training or study you have done recently.

I enjoy reading and learning about contemporary ethics and society, considering how I can use this to benefit pged students I teach.


Her encouragement and support gave me confidence in my abilities and the desire for success. You should tailor your personal statement to reflect the specific requirements of secondary level teaching and include:. Don’t worry if your degree is unrelated to the subject you’d like to teach – you may psrsonal be able to apply by completing a Subject Knowledge Enhancement SKE course.


Over a year period I have worked as a parent-helper in two local primary schools. While volunteering stagement a teaching assistant I saw the skills needed to be a great teacher one of which is leadership. Job sectors Pgse Working abroad Gap year Self-employment. For example, one child never took part in his physical education sessions at school but I managed to get him joining in the assessed event.

My various experiences have made me positive about teaching, together with my education they are adequate support for a PGCE in primary teaching.

I was exposed to a range of pedagogical models and teaching methods which is pgse I look forward to learning more about on a PGCE.

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Although the degree that I am taking, Psychology, is not a National Curriculum subject it is heavily based upon scientific analysis. Find out about applying for teacher trainingpreparing for teaching interview questions or take a look at a personal statement for PGCE primary and a School Direct personal statement. I was able to speak to them with firmness, but also to explain to them clearly in language they could understand. This has given me the confidence to volunteer as a teaching assistant in a mainstream school during my degree.

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More personal statement examples can be found at www. How to write a personal statement for teaching The personal statement allows for up to 4, characters 47 lines of text with an introduction, main body and conclusion. Personal statement for PGCE Secondary Many good PGCE secondary personal statements acknowledge the challenges involved in teaching older pupils and provide examples of where the candidate statrment worked to overcome these problems.