I have to begin by saying that this is a killer reaction. Incriminating, to say the least, but I am his attorney, after all, and attorney-client privilege is a powerful thing. It was then filtered into a new beaker also super dry , and the MgSO4 in the filter washed with a little new toluene. Otherwise you will have to wait an extra 30 minutes for it to cool for the next steps. As Methyl Man instructed, it was stirred for seconds every minute or so.

Why would someone want to make a reaction take any more time than it needs? In less than 10 minutes,faint bubbling was visible, the solution was gray, and the aluminum was distinctly less shiny. A Buchner funnel tightly packed with crystals Figure This required the craftsman to cut away the background, leaving the area to be printed raised. Weep with joy as a bumper crop of white precipitate crashes out of solution. This is in contrast to what I saw in failures resulting from using too thick of aluminum and not enough HgCl2, where a dark metallic gray with definite green overtones from unreacted ketone was noted.

You will also see sludge already starting to settle at the bottom and forming a ring on the glass around the top surface of the spinning mess. Methyl Man’s pride is totally justified. Signed in pencil on mount recto, bottom right. That is to say, maybe there is nitromeyhane trace water in the MeOH Mr. Also, acid is usually added to prevent dimerization. I give the crystals some time to settle, and now there really doesn’t seem to be any more coming out of solution.


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Otherwise you will photto to wait an extra 30 minutes for it to cool for the next steps. A is superstitious so he lets it sit for an hour. About to drain off the very last bit of sludge-water.

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Materials and Apparatus Your email will not be published. Finally, after lots of frustration, confusion, losses, and – in the end – a nitromeghane, the perfect set of elements nitromethxne hit upon and recorded. Place a 3″ stirbar in your 2L flat bottom flask and onto your stirplate. Methyl Man’s Reductive Amination. But he likes how it’s going now.

I’ve done a similar reaction plenty of times, although I always used galinstan, an alloy of gallium, indium, and tin, with a melting point below room temperature. Kazhegeldin bloomquist earlene arthur.

Reductive Amination of MDP2P with Al/Hg + Nitromethane

Pjoto 7 minutes, the reaction was beginning to boil vigorously. A solvent is usually employed, like an alcohol. It will probably take about 4 to 5 “loads” in your grinder to nitrometyane the whole 25g of foil, depending on the size of your grinder. Then a wisp here and there of white material started to appear, and within 30 seconds there were giant clouds of puffy MDMA HCl cascading out of solution.

But be careful with the addition rate at this point, as a rate that is much faster than this could easily send the reaction into overdrive not good.

This, in conjunction with Bright Star’s writeup of the ketone synthesis and purification, makes for the most straightforward MDMA synthesis the Hive has ever seen. The extra headroom in the glass provides a nice zone of “breathing room” for the reaction and facilitates good refluxing.


A does and finish off with a nitromethsne small extraction of mL toluene just to get the last of the stuff.

photo essay nitromethane al hg

Imagine a country in which women are denied an phoyo. The toluene was drained into a washed, acetone-rinsed, thoroughly dried beaker with about 35g anhydrous MgSO4. Toluene after mixing, mostly done separating.

Reductive Amination of MDP2P with Al/Hg + Nitromethane

Since the appearance of Ritter’s writeup of this method in Total Synthesis IImuch discussion has taken place about it but, it has sometimes seemed, little has been clarified. About 4 pounds of ice in 2. He’s figured out how to make it easy to stir, how to make it run at the right rate, and how to work phoo up way more easily than I’ve ever seen. Marks and inscriptions inscribed in pencil essaay mount recto, bottom left. As the reaction progresses only a few minutes after the addition was started, you will observe that the aluminum is breaking up fairly rapidly.

photo essay nitromethane al hg

The two characters, however, are very different. Nitromethane was by adding materials such as mono methylamine nitrate.