Aedes mosquitoes breed in clean, stagnant water. State the things you have to do to beat stress. Healthy eating is one of the ways to good health besides getting enough exercise and sleep. It is necessary that we provide a good home that is suitable for our particular pet, the proper medical care and attention as well as the suitable diet for the pet. Recycling has a lot of benefits to our environment.

A visit to such an exhibition can supplement classroom lessons. Food that contains a lot of sugar can decay our teeth and can lead our body to have disease such as diabetes. Instead of burning biodegradable waste, it is better if we recycle it. It was quite entertaining and has good quality facts in it. Use facts to support what you are saying. We should eat healthy food for a healthier living.

Keeping pets is not only a hobby, but also a responsibility. English essay learn grade 12th causes essay about stress my. Stress does not only strike adults but also young people, like students as well.

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Use the present tense when stating facts. The eggs hatch into larvae and grow into adult mosquitoes.

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Mention your points in order of importance. Compost – mixture of decayed plants, food, etc.

Another vital element that pets require is our time. These activities are proven to offer healthy benefits as they are thrilling, as well as physically and mentally challenging. Caregiver – person who takes care of people who are sick or disabled. It was quite entertaining and has good quality facts in it. Exercising can also resist stress. Articles are usually written in the present tense, unless you are writing about a past event or future action.

In order to be healthy we need good food.

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The unique design has been photographed by people from all over the world. Students samlpe be caught up with stress when examinations are around the corner. Rewrite your article if necessary. Stalactites and stalagmites stand like pillars in the dark interior. Healthy eating is one of the ways to good health besides getting enough exercise and sleep.

Glass jars can also be used as cheap tumblers and glasses for serving drinks.

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We need to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. What is an articles? Malaysia attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. You should not pressure yourself by studying endlessly You should take breaks regularly and make time for leisure during the weekends.


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Other booths showcased their latest products and models such as computers, audio and video players and various other state-of-the art gadgets. These huge caves are a favourite with explorer-type tourists. Take note of who your audience is.

Make your own pencil holders and gift boxes. Keep your environment clean at all times.

We should eat healthy food for a healthier living. For instance, we can do rafting, boating, swimming, etc. In addition, smartphone users can surf the Internet whenever and wherever they want. Traveling ielts essays related to crime essay about psychologist my family background for an essay body image.

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State your topic by writing a clear introductory line. Reflective writing essay examples youth worker holidays essay spanish verbs?

Information provided in this way is often simple and easy to understand.

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