Over at Mendiola , the demonstrators stormed the Palace, which was closed to ordinary people for around a decade. Retrieved December 3, These religious communities and the organized groups such as those summoned by Butz Aquino formed the kernel of People Power, later to be joined by a barrage of unrelated strangers. Victor Corpuz, guilty of all charges and sentenced them to death by firing squad. I was a gin-drinking teen with no reason to question the government. It is high time for us Filipinos to let our minds grow and to realize the essence of something that had contributed and will contribute a lot to our everyday living. Marcos and his government claimed that they “built more roads than all his predecessors combined, and more schools than any previous administration”.

After all, why would the people whom these military men terrorized now risk their lives to protect their oppressors? The nonviolent revolution led to the departure of dictator Ferdinand Marcos , the end of his year presidential rule, and the restoration of democracy in the Philippines. I remember how difficult it was to focus on productive work or even to make plans. Marcos scandals Operation Big Bird. Despite his foreknowledge of the coup plot, the cardinal looked at the turn of events positively—and with expediency: Thus passed the opportunity for Marcos to be brought to justice.

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I want my daughter to know that Edsa provided such a golden opportunity for real change to occur and yet my generation of Edsa survivors became too complacent.

Long road to Philippine democracy”. It could not go on that way for long. This expansion was underwritten by the United States, in the interests of helping Marcos combat a communist insurgency. And to me, this makes each of us a slave of our own personal desires.


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It was a time when Filipinos who were against the government of Ferdinand Marcos like my teacher were being hunted and killed. What was palpable at that time was that the country was in a stalemate. Aquino vetoed the request.

All my fears disappeared. In the mid-afternoon, Radio Veritas relayed reports of Marines massing near the camps in the east and LVT-5 tanks approaching from the north and south.

Ninoy Aquino’s widow, Corazon Aquinowas immediately installed as the eleventh President as a result of the revolution. Maliban sa mga naganap na nakawan, marami din ang nagsilibot sa loob ng isang lugar kung saan binago ang kasaysayan ng bansa.

Sa kabila ng kapahamakan na maaaring dumating sa kanila laban sa puwersa ng gobyerno, aboug ang mga sibilyan, maging ang mga madre at pari, sa EDSA. In that critical period, upon hearing tagaolg their transistor aboit that General Fidel V.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Not, as rrevolution might seem, State Power. Aris Sison at sina Fr. Namulat sa akin maging ang istriktong pamumuno na naaayon lamang para sa mga makapangyarihan at ang kalayaan ng “media” ay nalimitahan din. At the same time, this essay reflects on the structure of events that change history. Samantala, minungkahi ni Heneral Fabian Ver ang paggamit ng dahas upang matigil ang lumalaking rebolusyon.

tagalog essay about edsa revolution

We cannot withdraw all the time No one knew the rules? Let the narrative move you reolution affirm in the face of injustice: Marcos was elected president indefeating incumbent President Diosdado Macapagal by a margin of 52 to 43 percent. Several groups sang Bayan Ko My Homeland[33] which, sincehad become a patriotic anthem of the opposition. The quartet of the tiger moon: Nagbibigay ng impormasyon ang himpilang ito tungkol sa mga pinakahuling galaw ng sundalo ng pamahalaan at ito din ang nagsisilbing daan upang manawagan sa pangangailangan ng pagkain, gamot at mga suplay.


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Radio Veritas played a critical role during the mass uprising. The couple finally emerged on the balcony of the Palace before 3, KBL loyalists who were shouting, “Capture the snakes!

The troops later left after a V was blocked by the edsw assembled. Their actions intersected but they did not coalesce. However, after Marcos learned about the plot, he ordered their leaders’ arrest, [29] and presented to the international and local press some of the captured plotters, Maj.

Their passive resistance, Enrile said, could lead to the ultimate sacrifice, which they were prepared to offer: Maraming mga alegasyon ng katiwalian ang lumitaw sa kanyang ikalawang termino ng kanyang pamumuno. In a world of tyranny, the power of the people shined brightest during People Power.