Masturbation after circumscision

Nov 11, - Im 16 and got circumcised 18 days ago. And now im getting to the stage where its really hard to avoid mastebate so today i got it to errect and shockingly it looks way bigger than before and it. When can i masturbate after circumcision? | Yahoo Answers Palmyra. Age: 26. lara Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Original post by EmmaBurton The best option is not to masturbate. Dec 23, - Hi guys I’m 17 and was circumcised 10 days ago due to phimosis and of course being a teenage boy and not having done the deed in so long is driving me nuts I was just wondering how long should I wait until I can do it safely again? For what it's worth, and from memory, I waited. Kissa. Age: 24. I’m real models, business women and also my, “full time emloyees “ When can i masturbate after circumcision? Jan 21, - Hi guys I'm 17 and was circumcised 7 weeks ago and all my stitches are after falling out and I really wanna masturbate again but as stupid as it sounds I'm not really sure how without a forkeskin. Aug 9, - As I say, many websites advise that you wait 6 weeks before even masturbating. Well, I am not medically trained at all, but I would suggest that you should be able to at least masturbate after three (provided you are very careful), and that sex should be ok after 4, provided you have healed totally, and your.

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Topanga. Age: 28. Are you shy ? Would you meet a nice and horny girl here in Hong Kong to relax yourself Re: Masturbation after circumcision. Originally posted by Imightbewrong00 Do anyone have technics or advices for me? I always used my foreskins to masturbate, but it was way to tight, and none that it's gone, I just don't know how to do it right. Anyone? If your foreskin was too tight, how did you masturbate. I have recently been circumcised at the age of 19, ive always found that the foreskin has played a central role in the stimulation, but i hear that cut guys do it differently or get their stimulation elsewhere, ive heard silly things like some people use socks and the like as an artificial 4skin, (aint nobody got time for that). Oct 21, - You should not masturbate until all the stitches are out as the strong erection can put a strain on them. You can then gently masturbate by stimulating the glans itself or anywhere other than the circumcision line (or frenulum area if that was removed as well. Full healing takes around 6 weeks. Total freedom.


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