L’approche interculturelle dans le processus d’aide. Part IV consists of three chapters that focus on multicultural practice within counseling. An appendix provides a detailed list of proposed competencies. Download the following sample to see the components of an annotated bibliography. The centre does not currently have an affiliation to any university within Sweden but has organized in collaboration with the Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry, McGill University, a one-week cross-cultural training program in the area of mental health. Videotaped scenarios of patient-clinician interactions based on adaptations from actual cases are presented and used as demonstration and discussion tools.

A very useful guide which should be updated to reflect more current literature. Describes a pro-active approach taken at the Harvard Longwood Psychiatry Residency Training Program in order to increase minority recruitment. Fernando aimed towards gathering information on training and clinical practice in cross-cultural mental health domains. Cultural Diversity in Nursing: Dinemann, American Academy of Nursing. The book is intended as a practical guide to practioners, administrators and policy makers in the field. Welcome to Cite This For Me This is an online tool designed to create your formatted bibliography or reference list in under 5 minutes.

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Unimelv authors describe in table format eighteen themes of the Culture-General Assimilator. Are there better outcomes with ethnic-specific services? This document documents a study that looked at the need for interpreter services in the city of Montreal.

Finally, the author proposes a multicultural training program and lists precise guidelines for the implementation of such a program. Notes the pragmatic need for agreement on a cross-cultural paradigm in the area of mental health, and outlines the obstacles of establishing cross-cultural expertise in the mental health field.


This short article proposes that the use of models to compare and contrast cultures is a useful way to gain intercultural awareness. Describes the use of role-plays, simulation games, critical incidents, as training tools. Welcome to Cite This For Me This is an online tool designed to create your formatted bibliography or reference list in under 5 minutes. This chapter is of interest because it provides an overview of competency training in the area of general health and outlines examples of types of training available.

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Describes a training workshop that was run in Melbourne, July, and was attended by annotafed psychiatrists from 10 countries. University of Michigan “Culture and Cognition. Montreal, Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Controversial Issues in Multiculturalism. International Journal of Intercultural Relations Antipode [ERA ranked A; impact factor 2. Formal citing done for papers and projects takes this a step further.

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Copy and Paste Download to Word Download as. Vancouver Association for Survivors of Torture Wollongong, Australia, 21 November. Download the following sample to see the components of an annotated bibliography.

Cultural Competency in Managed Behavioral Care. As well, the chapter offers a useful discussion and comparison of two paradigms of cultural competence. Of specific interest in the current context of study, is a critique of the current APA ethical guidelines and an illustration of how they do not explicitly or implicitly address the multicultural reality of present day North American Society.


The evolution of notions such as cultural relativism and absolutism, are highlighted as are issues such as the etic and emic perspectives. Section V provides standards, practices and programs that embrace models of cultural competence.

New York, John Wiley and Sons. In addition to competencies, the author addresses university level training within the field of psychology. This area covers epidemiological of health trends as they effect specific cultural communities.

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One value of this article is the fact that it offers concise information and is well presented. The first model described is that of Geert Hofstede which views cultural difference from a number of spectrums including individualism-collectivism, power-distance, uncertainty-avoidance, masculinity-femininity and emphasis on long range planning.

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This manual provides a basic overview of the steps one may take in order to develop an interpreter cultural mediator ICM program. The first volume in a series of three that addresses cultural comptence in Health and Mental Health services in the United States. Practical guidelines are offers to trainers. Dover, New Hampshire, Fraser.

Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography. Comprised of psychologists, psychiatrists, general practitioners, social workers with origins from all over the world.