Also head of the software department. See, you are off the point here. Does Axact make or sell fake university degrees? Bol workers and employes worked for dollers not for truth ……. Why they kept Mum for so long,…?

Yes, the official disruption agent for the distance and online education markets is apparently going to be LinkedIn. I was lucky to have such friends and bosses — they were like a family to me. We reveal the scam and show you how you can. You are too blind to see the reality. A bit all over the place.. Where are the capitals, the punctuation.

Axact Writers

Why they kept Mum for so long,…? How many times can someone use the word “impugned” in a single letter?

Dude, if I want a degree in 15 days than it is my problem. Battol is a girl who says that everyone is watching her and else. The extent of their scam empire is amazing, complete with predatory upselling.

Buy online writing job For Sale – Get Cheap online writing job from online writing job. I wonder if there is particularly high incidence of e-gullibility in the shrinking pocket of adults who reached maturity before the internet was in full swing.

One doesn’t get any closer to people than cousins, and yet, I could not manage to get anything writingg of him.

A crime is a crime and comments over here have accepted that people are involved in this crime. All u media people care about is how to attract more and more readers and give them some saucy news.


Over three years of hearings, his only appearance was in a video deposition from a dimly lit room in Karachi, during which he was wriging identifiable.

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Quora UserRetired licensed veterinary nurse–Autistic women. Those employees have families and other responsibilities aswell and they are in huge crisis.

Perhaps that was a naive question, but it’s also not obvious exactly how or why the company seems to be evading any concrete consequences of committing a massive fraud operation.

Axact wasn’t just selling fake degrees!

Have you tried this Amazon trick? I wrote them back and said, “I want to tell you to go fuck yourself, but I have a lawyer for that, so please direct all further correspondence to him.

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Criminals always go to jail. Well I guess the jig is up. Luckily, this tool can help you outsmart the marketplace.

axact essay writing

I am a former employee of Axact; worked there for 2 years, sadly, and left, luckily. Why silent miss batool? I was associate manager in internal audit; i witness these all were happening there. The Word Alive’s Luke Sssay discusses the band’s writing process for the ‘Real’ album in our axacg video update. Manager Faraz akhtar who was responsible to get access to US servers when payment to be refunded or confirming wire payments.

I made a lot of friends from different departments in this time and I can assure you there is no Pornography work in the company.


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And until and unless the right time comes up you were busy in enjoying the essense of this fruitful tree.

Axact sued Jehan Ara in a defamation suite in Karachi of Rs. They just created CMS for two porn websites back in the days when they started. Well, any sane person can judge how well the game has been plotted by the author or the person who he claims to have easay or got evidence from.

It takes a great deal of courage writting produce something like this!! I got all data from sales agent of every department yesterday.

We are defaming our own country, intentionally or unintentionally. Axact is a fraud Company Ans 2: Its important to give names so that FIA investigates, be it females or males involved. Well, their claim to fame is that they are a well renowned software house that has made this amazing ERP Enterprise Resource Planning software that is used by s of companies worldwide.

They got told by their HR department that the job requires a bachelor’s level of expertise and they were not permitted to hire me.