From great to spectacular and requires heavy investment. Last week I was presented with early access account to an online service exposing telco services in a way easily consumable by mashups. As a preview to the Telco 2. And what does Google plan to do with it? So says Intel — but then again, how big will the market for ultra-mobile PCs really be? The Internet can route packets, but not payments.

And what does Google plan to do with it? Reding wants the power…the power to unbundle all Europe. More on both of these anon. In a major outage, for example the one that followed an earthquake in the Luzon Strait earlier this year, the problem is often that too many people are trying to fit through the remaining links at once. Telcos have massive call-centre capability, and are used to providing support to both enterprises and consumers.

Alcatel-Lucent is one of the major sponsors of the Telco 2.

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And therein lie the big questions: Requires more dynamic site and application acceleration. Continue reading “Enabling Telco 2. Aepona have some strong and interesting views on SDP architecture.

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The Internet can route packets, but not payments. Everyone who so much as touched on telco business models, or the infrastructure that underlies them, agreed on key points; points that could have been taken from the last few months of this blog or the qeb texts of Telco 2.

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To share this article easily, please click: Scientists prepare to experiment on a helpless telco Continue reading “IT Giants: The special developer version is here and also closes on the 7th.


This requires stronger leadership – a recurring theme of the event. So we were very interested by a recent NANOG thread regarding improvements in how the Internet deals with major congestion on backbone links. Last week I was presented with early access account to an online service exposing telco services in a way easily consumable by mashups.

Making Structural Separation Work: All the data by-products of billing; telcos can make your application aware of money.

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The pathology takes the following form; on start-up, the Skype client successfully registers on the network often with considerable delaybut rapidly logs-off again, and struggles to reconnect.

Continue reading “21C Global Summit: With the arrival of IP, it became possible to separate addressing, identification, authorisation, and payment from any one particular network. This integrates their PC, IPTV and mobile offerings with a combined software and services offering, supported by telecoms-specific capabilities and a xtudy party ecosystem. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Mobile operators especially have a huge resource of information about location.

Casee is aimed at operators, service providers and communication service providers CSPs.

We would like to challenge the latter statement. Increasingly, this concept is being applied to content such as video, particularly as telecommunications operators consider how they can differentiate emerging IPTV services against the current offerings from established mass-market broadcasters.

We used a basic version of our interactive Mindshare approach to elicit audience feedback on the issues raised. We particularly like the fact that the wholesale angle seems to have been baked in from the start, rather than bolted on as an afterthought. However good the processes, there are always problems that have to jhkebox dealt with by a human being. One of the strategies operators are employing to realize this vision is the deployment of IPTV services to households around the world.


A survey on SDP, developer communities, and app stores: They can attract upstream revenue by providing meaningful customer intelligence to these third parties advertisers, government organizations, content providerswho can in turn make their marketing targeted and relevant to end users.

case study akamai technologies web jukebox

In fact, when Ivelin demonstrated it, it turned out it was running on his laptop. From the earliest days of Telco 2. Azingo, an Indian syudy house that markets a LiMo-compliant Linux distribution and developer kit, was showing off some of the unexpected capabilities of the technology.

This is where the fundamental principles of internetworking bite you in the behind; most Internet protocols work on the principle that, if one attempt to do something fails, you try again.

TCP achieves reliable delivery by resending packets that are not acknowledged within their time-to-live, until a timeout. Continue reading “Strategy 2. A new computing environment emerged.