Without trying to make virtue of necessity, some positive aspects of this approach should be stressed. Pisa was one of the two Eurotra sites in Italy, dealing with lexical and strucural transfer, bilingual dictionaries as well as the implkementation of linguistic phenomena in generation. The concept of CFRL was crystallized in the course of discussions of mids, attended by many dozens of academics. Institut Hongrois de Paris pp. There are two levels of graduate studies. Sprachwende und Sprachwandel nach Language Applications for a Multilingual Europe.

In view of its activities and status, the J. Grammatical data in the lexicon. Korpus textov slovenskeho jazyka The Slovak Text Corpus. Compiling the Hungarian National Corpus, targeted as a m word reference corpus of contemporary written Hungarian. Palacha 2, Praha 1, 00, fax: Wortformenanalyse des Bulgarischen und Deutchen ohne Verwendung eines Lexemworterbuchs.

On the comparison of the subjective and objective registration of pauses in Kontra, M. In it was reorganized into the University of Lithuania and the university was re-named Vytautas Vite University.

The project started in the early 50s and is expected to be finished by the end of Lublin, Gdansk, Krakow; Denmark: Wer spricht das wahre Deutsch? Bloomington, Chicago University, Harvard University.

These projects range from Text Processing concordances, indices, lemmatisation, statistical analyses, etc.

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A-D, pages; II. A by-product of this project is “Dostoevski’s frequency dictionary” 1. In the graduate studies VMU attempts to focus on fields of study which were non-existent or very neglected during the Soviet times. Studies in Spoken Languages: Tvorba dvojjazycnych terminologickych slovnikovs pocitacovou podporou Computer-aided Compilation of Bilingual Terminological Dictionaries. In AI laboratory studies of Latvian curricu,um were initiated.


Theses of International Conference.

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Development of computational models of language, including formalizing linguistic and extra-linguistic knowledge involved in language comprehension and production; besides development of large linguistic resources dictionaries, corpora, grammars special emphasis is placed on communication modelling in man-machine and machine-machine dialogues. Multilingual corpora and language-independent software are the main research interests.

The Institute also hosts lectures, conferences and colloquia, thus acting cruriculum a central point of information and contact for German linguistics for both national and international visitors and indeed for all those interested in language. Gesellschaft zur Fuerderung slawisticher Studien, Gesture Workshop’96, York, UK.

Walter de Gruyter, Berlin – New-York The program comprises a 4-year undergraduate and since a 3-year graduate education. The Center has been established in to conduct basic research in artificial intelligence and to promote international scientific research. The Minsk State Linguistic University is one of the most important currculum and teaching centres in the Republic of Belarus.

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The results of linguistic processing of such corpora give light both on the general system of the vitad and on a particular system exemplified by a corpus under study. There are various dictionaries such as Zaliznyak’s Russian grammatical dictionary, Russian orthographical dictionary, a medium-size most popular Ozhegov dictionary and others of this kind.


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The outcome was a three-volume grammar morphology and syntax. Festschrift for Ferenc Papp Debrecen: December – March Barentsen of Amsterdam University. Institut Hongrois de Paris p.

Iasi University Publishing House, Iasi, pag.

curriculum vitae pour bts esf

Integration of language and speech, Proceedings ed. The program, based on previous works of prof. Principy i metody semanticheskih issledovaniy, Moscow, Nauka, Porovnavaci opis lexikalnej zasoby Contrastive Description of Vocabulary.

The University accords special attention to the Hu-manities and to Social Sciences. Two-week intensive courses in linguistics and semiotics called Vilem Mathesius Centre Courses named after the founder of the Prague School of Linguistics, which started in the twenties and has its continuation until today are organized twice each year sincewith ten to twelve leading specialists from abroad teaching in each cycle.