Some of these fonts are pretty much the same. And to the complainers, not everything in life is free. Archive of freely downloadable fonts. More space, less words. Bigalow, oversized period eh? Adobe Caslon Magazines, journals, text books, corporate communication. What a great post.

Design is more than just font and color. January 22, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Dan Reynolds: Popular Articles How much for a logo? FontShop Team Last edited August. October 24, tga Vienna Thom Janssen: A lot of nay-sayers in here, mind you there is also a lot of designers out there that dont know a thing about fonts. David Albert Monday, February 23, at

If you are concerned how these fonts are going to look on the web, simply look at this page on the web and then you will see how they look on the web. Helvetica Large or small text, all purpose type figure.

Fred Winetown Thursday, March 6, at 5: Andrew Tuesday, March 4, at 3: Here are the fonts having tpiografia similar to Agfa Rotis Sans Serif. I agree with a lot of these, but not Lucida and Courier.


The Sans Bold Bold Plain : Download For Free, View Sample Text, Rating And More On

I usually use the following font: Solid Internet my hosts got it sorted out pretty quick though. Franklin Gothic Book Seleccionar fuente.

I am not sure if it a font a designer MUST own, but it is in my list of top sans serif font. Brian Weck Monday, December 5, at 1: Collection of most popular free to download fonts for Windows.

Download Free Font TheSans

I got most of them! Always have to sift through quite a bit of impractical stuff first!

Daniel Pipitone Friday, August ghesis, at 6: If we want technical, typewriter-styled fonts there are quite a few others out there that are not kerned so horribly. Font per tutti liberamente tecnologia news Wednesday, April 2, at 1: Dave Friday, March 14, at So why do you need to suggest fonts to users in your job?

Rachel M Wednesday, March 5, at 1: Aliyah Friday, March 13, at 9: Saved from the deep Thursday, February 12, at 3: Pavithra Wednesday, July 20, at 9: Hi, Thanks your article usefull for me.


Tuesday, May 31, at 5: If descarvar people think they are as good as they are.

15 Serif Fonts

Descargar fuentes en familias de fuentes Sans Serif. Jack Yan Tuesday, March 4, at 4: Dick Commer Wednesday, August 26, at Though its in german.

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Car Games 1 Tuesday, August 25, at Trajan Books, magazines, posters, billboards, anything to do with the ages or religion. I really enjoyed the serif fonts.

descargar tipografia thesis sans

Jacob Cass Wednesday, March 5, at Its solidly made still.