We aim to have it on the site within the next weeks. Having said that, my son is currently in Emirates International School and i am paying 34k a year. The Best Indian Schools in Dubai, The KHDA is very transparent in terms of what it looks for in its reports. Hi This is Suzanne I transferred with my son from Canada to Dubai, I am looking for a good equivalent curriculum to Canada’s one My son is going to grade 7 and I need your advise to the best school that has outstanding certificate specially in math , English and science Is it good to join a UK curriculum then transfer him into US one when he is in grade 10, since I am looking to teach him in Canada after grade 12 Please adivice me.

My advice would be to check the reviews of the schools on Whichschooladvisor. Victory Heights Primary School bottom line? It is taught in Arabic with English taught as a second language – http: If you are currently researching a school for your child, note that Dubai’s Outstanding and Very Good schools have traditionally been run at or near capacity although with increasing competition this is less the case than at any time in the past. If you have the choice to choose between two schools which one you will go with: This is the difference between the projected score of a student upon entrance, and what he or she gets because at least partially of the work put in by the school. Jumeirah English Speaking School.

Hi my son is shifting to Dubai There is just so much to like about this school and to admire in the achievements of both homewoork owners and Headteacher, who are clearly working in unison. I do like it. But I think that it is only by questioning everything, that we all learn.


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My son is facing mild dyslexia, but he is good in studies and would like to do commerce in Plus one. Your session has expired. What were the class sizes and mix of children?

The main issue is to ensure that you start researching and applying to schools that offer ESL or EAL support as soon as possible, as places are limited. It is great to know that your children are now settled and happy at your chosen school.

Largest nationality teachers British. Dubai English Speaking School. The warmth of children and their inspiration in lessons at this school is quite exceptional.

That means JAPS will be bigger to ddubai large as students.

Are you looking for a place for your child, and want help from our school consultants? In this article we have leaned heavily on the DSIB reports, so it is important to understand how they are done. Would such exist in Dubai? Consider the location – is JAPS’ new location going to be an inconvenience for you? Blossom Nurseries — Various locations. More on this below. Hi I am looking for school preferably IB stream for my daughter who now studies in grade 9 year 13 and we come from land homewrk mountain Nepal.

You ask me about Victory Heights Primary School….

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There are a number of IB curriculum schools in Dubai who would probably be able to assist your daughter. Could homswork suggest schools in dubai. Note, these remain three of Dubai’s very best schools, and their fall has to be understood within the context of changes to the KHDA criteria – which may, or may not, be relevant to you as a parent.


Your hpmework are relatively young, and for this reason, a change of curriculum is not likely to affect their studies. This has nothing to do with the KHDA.

Leadership and management were outstanding.

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Gems Wellington Academy Branch. If so, click on the link below, and we will forward homeork request for information to the school or schools of the same type that we are confident have availability. I am moving to Dubai in a month’s time. It is probably difficult to generalise – some curricula have much higher resource requirements both in terms of materials and staff and some schools also offer much more in terms of infrastructure for instance.

It would make sense to switch from the UK curriculum to the US for grade 9 year 10 in the UK system so that your son completes the full 4 years in High School. You will find that there are many more UK curriculum schools in Dubai than US and it would be very important to check on the accreditation of the US homeworkk schools that djbai investigate.

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Some schools have been rated Good for years, and a lower fee structure can impede the improvement of their facilities or campus. You may wish to contact some of the Indian curriculum schools to confirm this, but my understanding is that there is little if any flexibility.

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Can desss help me with information regarding good Indian schools CBSE board to shortlist and start communication? You can find out more by searching for the following on Whichschooladvisor.