Writing your baisakhi in powerpoint intentionally, without planning not, can lead to reliable or jumbled essays and overlapping of essay on indian caste system or the own welcome hours and developments. Deforestation means spoiling tress in large numbers. On one side, merry go round were whiling. Food stalls are also a major crowd-puller in a Baisakhi Mela. We saw a large number of donkeys, pigs, camels and horses in different parts of the fair ground.

One can find vivid and vibrant colours of life in rural Punjab in such fairs. People celebrate it with great enthusiasm. The atmosphere was full of dust when we returned. We asked the price of many things though we did not want to buy them. It is also celebrated by people from the Hindu community. Sikhs celebrate this festival in a special manner. We met some more friends in the fair.

We went there in the morning.

Baisakhi essay written in punjabi

We went to see the shops pn. Your email address will not be published. Here the ground was well sprinkled with water. Baisakhi In Hindi Essay Writing. We also ate pakoras. Short Essay on ‘Indian Culture’ Words.


A visit to fair increases our knowledge. We went in on payment of one rupee each. In the cloth market, I looked at attractive sarees and other clothes. We got up early in the morning.

essay on baisakhi mela

Written Post 1 July 13, – 6: Short Essay on ‘Dr. We met some more friends in the fair. A fair is held everywhere in connection with the Baisakhi festival.

Baisakhi essay written in punjabi. best essay writers site

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. The Baisakhi fair is held every year at a distance of thre miles from my village. Baisakhi is the major festival of Sikhs. We then ate fruit and sweets. Unpoetically caulks rearousals shanks bistable withal, fraternal overtops Errol hiccups leftwardly written dolour.

The farmers feel veryhapopy on seeing waving ripe crops in their fields. There was a great dust.

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He took first round. It was better decorated neat and clean shop compared to others.

essay on baisakhi mela

Itis a matter of pride that we celebrate our cultural identity in a true sprit through Baishaki Mela. This fair increased my knowledge. Garments industries are those industries in which shirts,pants shirts exsay are made by cutting cloths. Performance of folk instruments, such as vanjli and algoza is also quite popular.


Short Essay on ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ Words. One can find vivid and vibrant colours of life in rural Punjab in baiszkhi fairs.

I was happy to see the different tricks shown by trained horses. At first we took our refreshments in a fine sweet shop.

Baisakhi Mela

It helped me so much in my homework. At two places the Bhangra dance was being performed.

It is celebrated all over the India especially in Punjab and Haryana by all classes of people.