The compacts were then milled and passed through sieve no. It has been demonstrated using radiolabeled technique that there is a difference between gastric emptying times of a liquid,digestible solid, and indigestible solid. Samples are withdrawn every month and analyzed for drug content and invitro release. The purpose of writing this review on floating drug delivery systems FDDS was to compile the recent literature with special focus on the principal mechanism of floatation to achieve gastric retention. Sci, ; 80; Concepts and advances.

Therefore patients should not be dosed w i t h behavior and offer several advantages in drug delivery. Gastroretentive drug delivery system of ranitidine hydrochloride: In SA1 maximum swelling is obtained at 2. Drug content estimation of stability formulation SA9. The samples were filtered through 0. A bi-layer tablet contain two layer one immediate release layer which releases initial dose from Non-effervescent systems system while the another sustained release layer absorbs gastric fluid, forming an impermeable colloidal gel barrier on its The Non-effervescent FDDS is based on surface, and maintain a bulk density of less than unity and mechanism of swelling of polymer or bioadhesion to thereby it remains buoyant in the stomach. Table 5 Regression coefficient R 2 values of formulated batches.

High density systems and E. Floating drug delivery systems: The presence of the gas bubbles slows down the water transport in the direction of the matrix as well as the transport of the dissolved drug towards the outside of the matrix. The gas generated is trapped and protected within the gel, formed by hydration of polymer, thus decreasing the density of the tablet. This value is close to the result in the study by Kaza et al.

floating pulsatile drug delivery system thesis

It does not make any Concomitant drug administration— Anticholinergics like difference whether the meal has high protein, fat, or carbohydrate Atropine and Propantheline, Opiates like Codeine and Prokinetic content as long as the caloric content is the same. Top Layer Expansion Study Figure 3. The duration of time the dosage form constantly remained on the surface was determined as the total floating time.


The system consist of a core tablet containing the drug, an impermeable outer shell and top cover layer barrier that dissolves at predetermined time.

Pulsatile Drug Delivery System Thesis –

The controlled gastric retention of solid dosage forms may be achieved by the mechanism of muco adhesion Ponchel G et al. Comparative pharmacokinetic study of a floating multiple unit dosage form: The results of in vitro buoyancy are shown in Table 2. On coming in contact with gastric fluid, the with diameter of 0.

The effect of polymers concentration and viscosity grades of HPMC on drug release profile was evaluated. Ranitidine solid dosage form. Radial and Axial Expansion Measurement SA1, SA5 and SA9 formulations are selected to study radial and axial expansion due to swelling three formulation contained low, medium and high concentration of polymer on top layer.

Higuchi model gave a good fit to all dissolution profiles for all formulations as shown by regression coefficient R 2 value 0. This is done using FTIR.

Pulsatile Drug Delivery System Thesis

crug Phase III burst phase lasts for 4 to 6 minutes. The tablet is photographed using Samsung digital camera NV 20 to study the top cover layer expansion and observe the pulsatole of hydrophilic polymers on the lag time and release pattern. Top Cover Layer Expansion The purpose of this study is to observe the top cover layer expansion and correlate with the lag time and drug release of the formulation.

Drug Dev Ind Pharm.

floating pulsatile drug delivery system thesis

A total of 9 formulations are prepared by keeping the concentration of drug and impermeable layer constant, soluble hydrophilic polymer concentration is selected by using 3 2 factorial design. An innovative acceptable approach in gastroretentive drug delivery. The slide is removed from the dissolution beaker at every 30 min with the help of thread and increase in diameter and thesix is measured with the help of scale 3.


Water uptake was 7. However, at the same time, the carbon dioxide bubbles get dispersed in the matrix and may cause partial obstruction of the diffusion path.

Cellulose acetate propionate mg is placed at the bottom and gently compacted to make powder bed, core tablet is placed at the centre and impermeable cellulose acetate propionate 65 mg is placed at the sides of the tablet so that surrounding surface of core tablet was fully covered.

Multiple unit type of floating II. The data obtained suggests that all the characteristic functionalities of the drug and the excipients have remained unchanged during the process of formulation, confirming that no chemical reaction has taken place. Evaluation of effervescent floating matrix tablet formulations of salbutamol sulfate using full factorial design.

There are two chambers in the system the active substance is present as a number of small first contains the drug and the second chamber contains the independent frug.

Floating on nimodipine sustained release tablet capable of float-ing on gastric matrix tablets based on low density foam powder: After release of drug, the residual system is emptied from the stomach. Phase Floaing Preburst phase lasts for 40 to 60 minutes with mm are reported to have an increased GRT competed to intermittent action potential and contractions.