There are two data stores: Customers can use it to access airport kiosks, select specific seats, check their bags, board, rebook, and receive refunds for flight cancellations. There are three main conversion strategies: Why is it still around? The system enables them to view key per- formance information such as manufacturing costs by plant, transportation costs, daily production and inventory rates, and global product price trends, and the information can be displayed visually in dash- boards and management cockpits.

The goal is to collect all the risks. This encourages freezing of specifications relatively early in the development process. The plan contains a statement of corporate goals and specifies how information technology will help the business attain these goals. The average time to create an app on this platform is 6 days, which includes editing images and other tasks. Organizationally, the Girl Scouts is a volunteer organization distributed across a large area, with cookie sales as the primary source of revenue. One was to streamline existing processes, continuing to rely on manual procedures. The step is to inventory the situation.

jetblue and westjet a tale of two is projects case study answers

You should pay special attention to areas where users interface with the system, with sensitivity to ergonomics issues. How can I develop a solution to an information system problem that provides genuine business benefits?

JetBlue and WestJet: A Tale of Two IS Projects by Amira AL Jaoui on Prezi

They would need to work with ABC Cookies and their shippers on new procedures for transmitting and delivering orders. Ergonomics refers to the prrojects of people and machines in the work environment. Because prototyping encourages intense end-user involvement throughout the systems development process, it is more likely to produce systems that fulfill user requirements.

Tangible benefits are quantifiable, and intangible benefits cannot be immediately quantified but may provide quantifiable benefits in the future. Video Cases Video Cases and Instructional Videos illustrating some of the concepts in this chapter are available. Jetlue were some of the people, organization, and technology issues that had to be addressed by the new system?


jetblue and westjet a tale of two is projects case study answers

Yet systems that produce mainly intangible benefits may still be good investments if they produce quantifiable gains in the long run. They also are more likely to react positively to the completed system because they have been active participants in the change process. Projevts methods separate data from processes. Information systems projects and the entire implementation process should be managed as planned organizational change using an organizational impact analysis.

They also needed features like the ability to link prices and seat inventories to other airlines with whom they cooperated. As you can see, hidden costs increase the total cost of an offshore outsourcing project by an extra 15 to 57 percent.

JetBlue and WestJet: A Tale of Two IS Projects – Case Study Example

What data does it use? Since WestJet had not anticipated the transfer time required to move the files, they had failed to reduce its passenger loads on flights operating immediately after the charge over. The step is to inventory the situation. CASE tools also contain features for validating design diagrams and specifications. However, fourth-generation tools still cannot replace conventional tools for some business applications because they cannot easily handle the processing of large numbers of transactions or applications with extensive procedural logic and updating requirements.

Companies typically are presented with many different projects for solving problems and westjey performance. It should also include all external factors such as a change in company direction or a change of technology direction. They would either purchase the necessary computers and networking hardware or lease them from a technology provider.


The other factor to evaluate when looking at a risk is its duration–how cas that it atudy have a potential impact on the project. Dovetail consultants used the QuickBase tools to rapidly create the software for the system.

Visit the Web site of your choice and explore it thoroughly. A Dovetail consultant created a working QuickBase prototype with some basic functions for the Projwcts Scouts within a few hours. The list was cut to a more manageable size and the twwo were asked if there were any additional reports or data from which their organizational groups could benefit.

Honam has about 2, employees and its revenues exceeded U. Object-oriented modeling is based on the concepts of class and inheritance. Application software packages are helpful if a firm does not have the internal information systems staff or financial resources to custom-develop a system. You may soon hear more about Honam Petrochemical Corporation.

For instance, if the greatest risk is personnel turnover as it usually is then, the probability may have to be evaluated more objectively. The time had come for both JetBlue and WestJet to upgrade their reservation systems.

JetBlue was incorporated in and founded in by David Neeleman. Jerry Tubbs, the systems development manager at DST systems, says that DST was successful in its attempts to revamp its software group because of a few factors.

jetblue and westjet a tale of two is projects case study answers