May ; cited 16 Apr ]. Using OCR software on older print material entails many challenges. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. You may need to rename the binary from ssocr to ssocr. In better-quality copies, OmniPage did a very good job.

Thirteen articles were scanned using optical character recognition OCR software, and the resulting text files were carefully proofread. Equivalent changes have been incorporated into ssocr version 2. Packed with thousands of resources, our courses will guide you through with every aspect of the curriculum and ensure you achieve outstanding grades! Since this program used Imlib2 as well, an intermediate image file had to be used. By producing this analysis, library staff wanted to help other libraries in planning their own digitization projects. Articles were selected based on their inclusion in Morton’s Medical Bibliography: Other libraries can estimate costs for their own digitization projects by using the formulas described above, which compute cost estimates using the number of items to be digitized, per-item time estimates, and hourly wages.

Received Jul; Accepted Nov.

View All Practices Alphabetically. If an article is particularly old, is in poor shape, or has very odd fonts, rekeying should be investigated as a possible cost-efficient alternative to scanning.

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It would seem more likely, however, that projects would involve mixes of articles and fonts. TIFF has the advantages of being a nonproprietary file format and the highest quality image.

After weighing all costs, libraries may decide that digitization is not desirable. Libraries must weigh the possible benefit of digitization against the costs they will likely incur. J Med Libr Assoc. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Project time was broken down according to training, photocopying and scanning, and finally proofreading and formatting Table 1.



jkl case study ocr

The Privacy Rule requires a meaningful expiration specification related to either the research subject or to the purpose for the use or disclosure of the PHI. The Guidance supports existing practices for obtaining authorizations related to ongoing and future research, and this alone should provide some comfort to covered entities using and disclosing PHI for these purposes.

Thirteen articles important in the historical development of neurosurgery were chosen with ten being completed. The Cures Act and the Mandate The Cures Act was signed into law on December 13,and is intended to accelerate medical product development and bring new innovations and odr to patients.

Certainly, costs and benefits in any project must be carefully weighed before deciding to digitize print resources.

Seven Segment Optical Character Recognition

Depending on these criteria, the form of authorization itself may likewise be modified to address the question of reminders and whether a stdy subject wants caes receive them.

The first versions of ssocr did not contain the image manipulation algorithms. These were easy, straightforward items to be scanned: Because the average article consisted of Please tell me if you encounter problems. Articles ranged in size from a minimum of two pages to a maximum of thirty-five pages Box New Haven, Connecticut Support Center Support Center. A student was hired for a total of hours, which worked out to hkl approximately ten twelve-hour weeks.


The policies and procedures should specify the criteria that covered entities will use to define when an automatic reminder should be sent e.

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Packed with thousands of resources, our courses will guide you through with every aspect of the curriculum and ensure you achieve outstanding grades! The benefit of repeating this project in other libraries would be that with relatively small investment historically important articles would be made accessible to more medical historians and researchers.

Since this program used Imlib2 as well, an intermediate image file had to be used. Even libraries that have these articles tend to keep them under lock because of their age. Oocr is the number of pages.

Nevertheless, I have been contacted by users of those platforms and helped them solve problems compiling or using ssocr.

OCR Clarifies Confusion Related to Authorizations for Ongoing and Future Research Purposes

Other researchers have listed the costs of this at three [ 11 ] to five times [ 12 ] the original digitization cost. Please review our privacy policy.

jkl case study ocr

Historically significant journal articles: The second complication was that the OCR software had difficulty recognizing the older fonts and formats of these articles.