The success of Lagaan has also made the Indian corporate world wake up to the power of cinema as an effective tool to enhance sales and capture consumer attention. One such movie is Lagan: But beyond the shadow of reasonable doubt both Aamir and Ashutosh were sure that it was the best possible way of making a film like Lagaan. Membership is required for download. Instead, he intervenes and stops other team members from running Kachra down. Every activity was defined to the greatest details.

His fellow-villagers do not share his optimism that they too can learn to play cricket and beat the English at their own game. The film is teaching future managers some fine precepts of human resource management. There was no discrimination, after 10 even Aamir won’t get dinner. He places the bird watcher as a fielder in a position where he would be able to take good catches. Even the Indian auto industry, it seems, can draw inspiration from Lagaan. Enlighten yourself by capturing latest News and unique articles from Business and Tech world daily on your mail box.

While he silently ensures that Indian cricket makes big strides under his leadership several business schools in the country are reverberating with his name, precisely analysing those skills.

What is clear is that Bollywood films will be caee focus of more and more case studies in the coming years to perk up the staid atmosphere of B-schools. Hangal slipped in bathroom and hurt his backbone. But Hangal, in the autumn of his life may have lost his physical strength, but not his determination. This is the best example of hiring the right people for the right case.


lagaan case study iim

This is where, he says, perhaps the Lagaan philosophy may come in handy. This has been possible through consistently good performances, which have been varied rather than stereotyped. They sang the national anthem and for the first time they experienced a slice of Bharat which was totally different from India of metros and cosmos.

Each one brings his expertise to study and what follows is full autonomy and brilliant team work to achieve the desired result.

Dhoni’s success story echoes in B-schools

The creative team had been told laagan think BIG, now it was the turn of the production team to match the grandeur of the vision they had. Perhaps this explains why despite losing the Oscar to No Man? This transforms the group dynamics; every man sees his aspirations merging with the team? Printable version May 23, 1: Scenes that draw wolf whistles, laughter or tears are being academically dissected by management students.

Wiley, a global leader in research and education has announced a series of blended learning progr. But Ashutosh was convinced beyond the shadow of reasonable doubt that his idea of making a period film is viable practically as well as commercially.

lagaan case study iim

We are heading towards a Sustainable Future. This will alert our moderators to take action Name Reason for reporting: Co – is a repository of information created by your industry peers and experienced seniors.

Not surprisingly, the idea is being welcomed by both management experts and students. This perhaps could be the clincher. Martin doesn’t want GoT to end. The entire film making process was done without any compromises. He asked me to make a presentation to our colleagues on the HR management aspects that have been so beautifully captured.? Explore to get exposed to real world problems and solutions on Cite.


Take for instance, Bhuvan’s girlfriend Gauri? For any film, the core team one chooses is a make or break decision.

Bollywood goes to B-school

They also felt this has made their understanding better. IIM, Indore, has already incorporated the film in its curriculum. Though the people of Kutch were very hospitable, hospitality was far away iik that place. Other institutes and corporate entities too have evinced keen interest in the film. Lagaan studies impressed by him and Halo effect comes iim study. It’s all about, how conviction and communication can make things possible.

lagaan case study iim

The use of Bollywood films as case studies may be new in India but in the US, films such as The Lion King and Jurassic Park have for long been a cade of management studies.

It’s about a unique social experiment in the annals of film making and great life experiences.