After many hours spent over rigorous phases of our quest to find the delegates of Unair for HNMUN we are finally one step away from having the final result. Gammaditya Adhibarata, nicknamed Gamma, is in the second year of his studies in the Medical Faculty of Airlanga University. After a long and arduous selection process, being selected as one of the delegates who will represent Airlangga University has allowed her to become closer to her dream to become part of the real United Nations. Michael is indeed well known with his high pile of achievements. Essay on naran kaghan scene Dachis Photography soal essay narrative text sma. Report Share Download 2 About doing research for her thesis, Dita sees it as a quite winding struggle.

Popular Religion is a celebration of excellence: During his time in High School, Satria also participated in activities that may seem to have no connection to his current major. We were overwhelmed in joy reading hundreds of applications for the selection this year, we had so much fun to finally meet everyone who makes the cut to the interview phase. Semoga dapat terus membanggakan FKM ya! Report Share Download 2 It was a new experience for her; one that is quite difficult due to the fact that she needed to arrange her statement using formal Indonesian Language, when all along she practiced debating in English language.

Dear fellow young people, The jig is up!

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When taking the Unai program, Djoko was forced by the need of running the company he was working for. She was placed in the UNICEF committee with many other delegates to come up with overarching ideas to ensure the psychiatric health of children following terrorist attacks and major disasters.

lomba essay fkm unair

Sign up to get incisive feedback about your religious motivations and inner life — and help researchers learn more about science, religion, and culture in the process. Futsal is one of his major interests, one that he has been doing since elementary school. Note carefully the deadline for CV and Essay submission is on May 30th Sampai jumpa di acara kami.


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He is very confident, critical, and open minded. His other motivation, which is go back to campus, has forced him to continue his study.

As an alumnus of acceleration program student while in Junior High School and Senior High School, she accepted in Universitas Airlangga at sixteen years old, two years younger than her friends in batch. When taking care of orthodontic patients, she had often found relaps ; a condition when teeth which have been properly arranged in the dental arch, shift back to their original position in fkk end of treatment.

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He thinks that it is necessary to make a balance between studying and playing, so both right brain and left brain can work properly and optimal. Hanin Dhany Robby 3. This daughter of Patonah and Subibit had not encountered any ynair difficulties in balancing her academic and non-academic activities.

For Yulia, making her parents proud is priority. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Program Menulis Essay Labma Documents. The most prestigious one is when he delivered a presentation in the event of The 33 rd World Congress of Internal Medicine in Bali. She has been called energetic, perfectionist, and a go-getter.


Follow twitter unairforhnmun airlanggamun. He has successfully attained a collection of achievements from national to international level. Aiming to work in either Rssay Ministry or international organization keeps her motivated to dedicate her college experience being MUN nerds.

However, she then decided to focus on college for a satisfactory result. Esway she was hosted by a loving family in Los Angeles, California, she got a lot of new friends and families, and learned a lot on how to accept diversity by being able to see something from more than one perspective. Although Olivia understands that academic grades are not everything, it is still something to be reckoned with. Dengan mengisi link di atas, anda menjadi salah satu orang yang berkesempatan mendapatkan Voucher Go-Pay dengan total hadiah Rp She admitted fjm monetary problems was part of her monthly menu.


PO mulai dari tanggal 14 Mei Mei Jangan sampai ketinggalan ya! He also believes that team-working ability is very important, and HNMUN will give him the experience he needs in order to learn umair to manage himself as a member of a group, and conduct himself during a group discussion.

Fauzan Realizes in f,m to be a good doctor, he needs to develop both his academic and non-academic skills, such as organizational and public speaking ability.

However, what Dita Widiyanti Sawitri did was a little unusual.

lomba essay fkm unair

In no way does scienceonreligion claim ownership or responsibility for such items, and you should seek legal consent for any use of such materials from its owner. Delegates who represent countries other than their own also learn to pay attention to the Global Issues concerning the said countries, of which they might not have known well at the beginning.

Being a girl who likes challenging stuff, Putu never backs down from a chance to try something new.