WAP to copy element of one array to another array using pointers. The variables that are used while calling a function are known as actual parameters. Once a student is identified as a boy, there is no need to test again for a girl. If sum is to be calculated in calsum and values of a, b and c are received in main , then we must pass on these values to calsum , and once calsum calculates the sum we must return it from calsum back to main. Its associative is left to right, so first priority goes to. Memory location occupied by formal Memory location occupied by and actual parameters are different.

These notations are represented in terms of function T n. Precedence is used to determine how an expression involving more than one operator is evaluated. Functions with no arguments and no return values. As soon as the true condition is found, the statement associated with it is executed and control is transferred to the statement-x skipping the rest of the ladder. Therefore, it is necessary to use the return statement. Floating point numbers are defined in C by the keyword float.

C functions also have an address.

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These can operate on any built-in data type allowed in C. The loop in a program consists of two parts: To obtain computer solution to a problem we supply the program with input or data. Here, starting address of member variables can be accessed. Because a pointer holds an address rather than a value, it has 2 parts: For example, suppose we have coded a program for implementing binary search.


Consider, for example, the calculation of ratio of females to males in a town. Thus, marks[2] is not the second element of the array, but the third.

Note for Problem Solving And Programming In C – PSPC by Baljinder Singh

The qualifier signed or unsigned may be explicitly applied to char. The second test again determines whether a student is a girl.

The operators at the higher level of precedence are evaluated first. Share it with your friends. If an algorithm is properly designed, then implementation is very easy. The common operations performed character strings include: If we go through the algorithm, then for all cases, the algorithm should terminate after a finite number of steps.

mc9212 problem solving programming lecture notes

The following program shows a two-dimensional array at work. Floating point numbers are defined in C by the keyword float. We can use arithmetic expressions in if statement. However, it is advisable to define the functions in the same order in which they are called. Suppose an organization has two different types of computers and you are expected to write a program that works on both the machines.

Usually macros make the program run faster but increase the program size, whereas functions make the program smaller and compact.

Also, the return statement need not always be present at the end of the called function. It is a special type of pointer which can point to any datatype, from a integer value or a float to a string of characters.


mc9212 problem solving programming lecture notes

The algorithm must be complete in itself so that it can be used to solve problems of a specific type for any input data. The above example if written using ifndef, would look like this: It is useful to declare the variable global when the variable has constant value throughout the program.

Likewise, if we want k to be available to main we will have to return it to main using the return statement. Storage – Memor y Default initial value – Zero Scope – Local to the block in which the lectrue is defined. Thus, the following program code would be wrong, since argentina sokving being defined inside another function, main.

Silving width w is less than the number of characters in the string. WAP to copy element of one array to another array using pointers.

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All computing must be done by central computer. Perhaps you want to calculate gross salaries of ten different persons or you want to convert temperatures from centigrade to Fahrenheit for 14 different cities. The preprocessor reads the source code and prepares it for the translator.