Sahoo, Upendra Kumar Co-operative sensor localization using maximum likelihood estimation algorithm. Kawaduji, Chaudhari Khushal Discrete-time slip control algorithms for a hybrid electric vehicle. T, Purna Chandra Rao An accurate frequency estimation in power networks in the presence of harmonics. Das, Bibhuti Bhusan Characterization of ferrochrome slag as an embankment and pavement material. Singh, Tanu Removal of petroleum hydrocarbon by using microbial mat. Jhunjhunwala, Pooja CFD analysis of helically coiled tube for compact heat exchangers. Mohanty, Laxmipriya Velocity distribution in trapezoidal meandering channel.

Sahu, S Non-linear forced vibration analysis of axially functionally graded tapered beam with various end conditions. Agarwal, Tarun Microflow induced mechanotransduction in hacat cells: Shrivastava, V Security scheme for wireless sensor network. Pothal, Jayanta Kumar Intelligent motion planning and obstacle avoidance for multiple mobile robots in highly cluttered environments. A Continuum Modelling Approach. A Study of Rourkela City.

Naik, Jitendra Dynamic response of beam and frame structure subjected to moving load. Gupta, Gajanand Economic Thessis of X-bar control chart using particle swarm optimization.

Ahmad, D Vibration analysis and control of rotating composite shaft system using active magnetic bearings. Mohanty, Mamata Geotechnical properties of lightly cemented fly ash. Bhoi, Sanjukta Experimental and cfd simulation study of binary solid-liquid fluidized bed. Kishor, Ved Prakash Modelling of micro electro discharge machining in aerospace material.


phd thesis nit rourkela

Eliot, Elias Design, analysis and fabrication of an articulated mobile manipulator. B, Aarif Simulation of Helium Liquefier. Singh, Akhileshwar Analysis of rourkeka rectangular plate. Sahu, Mrutyunjaya Prediction of flow and its resistance in compound open channel. Samantarai, Shakti Prasad Tribological behaviour of rice husk reinforced polymer matrix composite. Sahoo, Ajit Kumar Adaptive non linear system identification and channel equalization usinf functional link artificial neural network.

Singh, D Study on feasibility of coir dust as feedstock for entrained flow gasification system. Dutta, A A general study on nif cycle cost analysis for roads. Nema, Puneet Kumar Computational study of sloshing behavior in 3-D rectangular tank with and without baffle under Seismic Excitation. Rao, Yogesh Optimization of robotic assembly sequence. Jagtap, Mahesh Interactive image segmentation.

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Grandhe, Jagmohan Rao A novel off-line character recognition: Pullagura, Gandhi Effect of hydrogen enrichment tthesis the performance emissions and combustion parameters of a complete biofueled diesel engine. TMita Kumar Image adaptive watermarking using wavelet transform. Tiwari, S K Carrier aggregation in lte-advanced. Ekka, S P Recognition of handwritten digits using proximal support vector machine. Agrawal, Saurabh Carbonization of eucalyptus wood and characterization of the properties of chars for application in metallurgy.


Bonala, Sathyam A study on neural network based system identification with application to heating, ventilating and air conditioning hvac system. An in silico approach.

Khursheed, Asif In silico development of broad spectrum antibacterial by targeting peptide deformylase. Tikader, Ripan Energy management at municipal parking deck for charging of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with differential evolution.

Indurkar, P D Optimization in the treatment of spent pot lining – a hazardous waste made safe. Verma, Vishal Kumar Microbial degradation of acetylsalicylic acid and ibuprofen.

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Effect of Raw Material Sources. Mahananda, A R Studies on spontaneous heating liability of some Indian coals and its protective measures. Bakhsh, Anis Modeling and simulation of forced circulation evaporation crystallizer.

V Fourkela, Shaibu Numerical analysis of work roll cooling in hot rolling process. Sukumaran, Suvin Effects of quenching media on the mechanical properties of Al-Al2O3 metal matrix composite.

phd thesis nit rourkela

Rajput, Monika Optimization of electrospinning parameters to fabricate aligned nanofibers for neural tissue engineering.