It also considers the link between training and development. Sources of Data in Different Levels Table 6. They are the source of getting the work done effectively and efficiently, and the source of innovation and creativity. Roberts The steps involved in the training cycle are now discussed separately to better illustrate the systematic process of developing and implementing a training programme. Different Sample Groups Figure 5. Proposed Framework for the Study 63 Figure 4.

Methods of Selecting Employees for Training Table 6. They proposed that the PhD thesis should consist of four elements namely: Effectiveness of Training Needs Analysis Table 6. It is to be noted here that lack of expertise of the trainers; nepotism, kinship and personal relations between the supervisors and the employees, disrupt the training selection process in the ADP. The Systematic Training Cycle Source:

Indeed, without this step, there can be no solid prognosis of the training requirement and no basis on which to determine after the event, whether the whole training process was correctly designed.

It opens innitials routes for the new staff to under go a process of understanding the company details policies, rules and regulations, main objectives. Definitional Issues Training is a difficult term to define, the word being used in English in several senses, including: Abu Dhabi National Oil…. The study adopts a phenomenological approach, using inductive qualitative data in the main. These courses are specialist programs appropriate for staff who are eager to learn the processes of Training Needs Analysis TNA and training evaluation, including: Therefore, this trraining is specifically concerned with achieving five research objectives.

Abu Dhabi Food Control….

training needs analysis tna a case study of the abu dhabi police

In general, this analysis consists of analysing the organisation as a whole e. Contents in Details 3.


OATD: Ghufli, Ali-Hamad Badi – Training needs analysis : an empirical study of the Abu Dhabi police

For example, the Louisiana state government in the US has adopted a large-scale performance-driven training needs stuudy project designed to identify the performance improvement training needs of its employees Holton et al. Abu Dhabi Oil Refining…. This study hopes to contribute to, and extend, the body of knowledge on TNA by developing a novel, holistic conceptual framework, which provides general guidelines for TNA practitioners in the public sector of the UAE to ensure the stuyd and effective newds of TNA.

Training Process and Time Ratio Source: Execution along these lines is believed to ensure training effectiveness Blanchard and Thacker, The need to compete from the inside out has made organisations aim to increase the power of their people-related processes to build and sustain competitive advantage as the ultimate organisational objective, thereby outperforming competitors.

It also, presents an overview of the Abu Dhabi Police, including a description of its structure, and principal activities.

Within the O-T-P model in particular, decisions are made as a result of integrating macro and micro analyses, in which there is an investigation of training needs to meet organisational needs, task or job needs, and finally, the particular needs of the individual. It is to be noted here that lack of expertise of the trainers; nepotism, kinship and personal relations between the supervisors and the employees, disrupt the training selection process in the ADP.

This chapter also includes important sections that contribute towards the shaping of the conceptual framework used in the study.


Abu Dhabi City Municipality.

training needs analysis tna a case study of the abu dhabi police

Ensuring personal excellence course. For more information, please contact us at: TNA can be considered the most important phase in ensuring the effectiveness of any planned training.

It gives a justification for the sample size chosen, and proceeds to discuss the collection of primary and secondary data, and the techniques used for data analysis. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will: The latter is popular among practitioners, and gaps between expected and current performance are Chapter One: However, in terms of both their theory and practice, the TNA models have not seen significant changes over the past 30 to 40 years.

Research Contributions, Recommendations and Conclusion The final chapter presents the conclusions reached by the study. Oman Oil Marketing Company. Moreover, police organisations are amongst the most diverse organisations and yet they need to be very focused, active and effective, and objective-oriented.

Introduction pronounced than ever McClelland, Thus, continuous evaluation of how training is progressing, evolving, and working is necessary.

TNA and Training Evaluation

This need for a systematic approach means that certain steps must be followed, starting with an identification of the actual training needs. In total, 51 individuals from the ADP are interviewed.

Also, this study contributes to the knowledge of TNA as being the first exploratory empirical study conducted in the UAE as far as the author believes.