Examples of standard Australian Year 12 include: Don’t worry if you are not sure at this stage — you can change your preferences after you have submitted your application at no additional charge and as many times as you like. For more information see Change your course preferences. You will be asked how many additional languages you understand, what they are and how you would rate your ability to speak, read, write and understand each one. Your answer in this section should be generally applicable to all of your course preferences. A record of your original course application will be available to view in the ‘Course application’ section of your VTAC user account and also sent to your email address.

All course applications through VTAC are submitted online. This section will ask about languages you are familiar with other than English. You give this permission either at the time of applying, or later in your VTAC user account. In some cases you may be required to attend enrolment in person on a specific date and time. The December offer round international , released on 19 December 2. If you apply within the ‘timely’ dates but are not currently enrolled in any of the above, you will pay the course application processing fee for all other applicants. Home Am I eligible?

For more information see Changing your course preferences. Home Am I eligible? Course preferences should be listed in the order you would most like to study, with your highest preference at the top. You only need to fill out the sections that are relevant to your course application. You can’t save a draft of your course application while you are working on it, but you can change your course preferences after it is completed.

Examples of standard Australian Year 12 include: Please only move the offered course to below courses you would genuinely consider not to the lowest preference place.


After the course selection authorities have considered your application, they will advise VTAC whether they wish to offer you a place in the course. If you receive two or more vtzc at the same time, you will need to choose which offer to accept — you should not accept more than one offer. For more information see Admissions tests.

How to apply for courses

You will also be asked if you want to participate in the supplementary offer round process. Accounts will remain active until 19 July You must list all current and sttatement secondary studies undertaken in Australia and overseas including all units of Year 12 studies undertaken in previous years.

vtac personal statement deadline

To find out which specialist areas are available for each course, see the graduate-entry teaching courses in CourseSearch. You can also move your preferences up and down the list or remove them if you are no longer interested or made a mistake.

If you wish to direct comments to specific course preferences, identify the statementt in your comments. VTAC recommends that you pay early. You can choose to pay immediately or later through your VTAC user account.

VTAC Personal Statement

You remain liable for the course application processing fee even if you withdraw your course application because all applications are processed immediately when received.

If you received an offer in one round, and wish to also be considered for courses lower on your preference list in future rounds, you can change your preferences by moving the course that you have been offered below any courses you would still like to be considered for by the relevant change of preference date.

Verbal offers have no status. It allows you to provide information about your:. The December offer round internationalreleased on 19 December 2.

You will also have the opportunity to pay your course application processing fee. If you apply within the ‘timely’ dates but are not currently enrolled in any of the above, you will pay the course application processing fee for all other applicants.


If you have any concerns about your daedline or rights, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You can also check if the institutions have any specific requirements regarding what to include.

If you personzl receive an offer and want to find out why, contact the institution directly to discuss this. You will be asked if you give permission for VTAC to publish any first round offers you receive in metropolitan and regional newspapers.

The majority of your Personal Statement, such as your general statement, work experience, and language proficiency, should be broad enough to cover all of your course preferences.

Personal statement – VTAC

Please note that this section is not used for special consideration. Keep your responses brief and to the point to avoid going over the character limit. To be considered for offers, you pegsonal pay your course application processing fee on time.

Before adding a preference, always check the selection criteria to ensure you have met all course requirements.

vtac personal statement deadline

You must list all current and previous tertiary studies undertaken persona, Australia and overseas including tertiary study this year if you did not officially withdraw by the census date.

You will be asked to review your course preferences, authorised nominee details and statistical information and confirm that the details are correct. For more information see Offers, enrolment and deferment.