Sketch of obtaining the Landau rate exercise 1 in HW 6. Book “Quantum Optics” by M. Lecture evaluation by the Fachschaft MathPhys 15 min. For the intro slides and handout, click here. Time-independent perturbation theory, non-degenerate case.

Measurement without paying attention to the outcome: Classification according to the Keldysh parameter. Exercise sheet 4 posted online. Unitarity of time evolution. The Schroedinger equation, for the time evolution operator, states and wave functions.

Time reversal symmetry in classical mechanics, classical electrodynamics and quantum mechanics. Some useful notes about the Wigner-Weisskopf theory on Wikipedia.

Theory Division

The homeworks are to be handed in on June 2nd. The quantization of the electromagnetic field.

Solution of the Dirac equation in a central field hydrogen atom. Exercise sheet 2 posted online. EIT used to slow down a light pulse -“Light speed reduction to 17 metres per second Time-independent perturbation theory, approxomation. The covariant form of the Dirac equation. Review and historical perspective on light. Atoms in strong static electric fields. Friday, Oct 24, in class. Reload SFA transition amplitude.


Phys Quantum Mechanics I

Please pay attention that notations may differ from the ones used in the lecture. The homeworks are to be handed in on June 30th. Selection rules for the recombining electron. Dirac homeaork in external fields. Material we will cover: Mon Nov 17, 1PM in class.

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Recombination of a continuum electron into an ion. Population inversion, oscillations in the case of an initial vacuum field.

wkb approximation homework

Fri, Nov 7; Due: Addition of angular momenta. The sequential Stern-Gerlach aparatus revisited.

wkb approximation homework

Homewok “Quantum Mechanics ” by B. Particle on a line. Time-independent perturbation theory, non-degenerate case. The non-relativistic calculation of Bethe. Fri Sept 26, 1PM in class.

quantum mechanics – WKB approximation in two dimensions – Physics Stack Exchange

Introduction to quantum optics. The original article by L. Ionization in intense laser fields. Ionization in strong laser fields. The original paper by E. This should be done as soon as possible here. For the slides now in Englishclick here. Heisenberg equation of motion, Ehrenfest’s theorem.