A thesis supervisory committee shall meet annually with the student, normally in the spring, to carefully evaluate the Report on Progress submitted by the student and submit a completed copy of the Report on Progress to the Graduate Program Director after the meeting. York University Dissertation Template. Other students who are unable to make meaningful progress towards the completion of their degree requirements by any other means except through a course, and no suitable course is available to them, must petition. It is essential in resolving conflict that all parties have the support they require. If students’ ability to make academic progress alters, they may petition for a change of status. Running headers to put title, name, chapter, etc.

The minimum Faculty of Graduate Studies requirements are as follows: When major revisions have been completed satisfactorily as decided by the exam committee, the Chair should:. The Office of the Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies cannot offer legal advice as to whether or not copyright permission is required. York University s regulations regarding theses. LOAs are limited to a maximum of three terms, and each term is considered an inactive term and is not included in the calculation of time limits. The Chair of the examining committee shall be chosen from among the voting members.

Masters Programme Progress Guidelines. Diesertation a number of instances. It showcases the scholarship of the York University community through the use of a special standards—based software platform that collects usage statistics and promotes visibility on the web.

Thank you for your participation. Find more in Google. The material embodied in the dissertation should merit publication.

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The minimum Faculty of Graduate Studies requirements are as follows: Each thesis or dissertation must contain an abstract. The instructions below outline the step by step process of using the application. Appendices are ordered in the same sequence as they gfs referred to in the body of the text; that is, the appendix first mentioned in the text is assigned the letter A, the second is B, etc. PhD Timeline To Completion. The student is responsible for ensuring that all members of the exam committee have an e-copy of the dissertation, unless prior approval has been received for the submission of a paper copy.


You may upload as many files as necessary, tuidelines no single file can exceed MB.

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This protection expires 50 years after the death of the originator, regardless of who holds copyright at that time. The GPO huidelines responsible for setting program expectations, ensuring that graduate students have a clear sense of understanding of how to successfully fulfill their degree requirements in a timely manner, and assist in resolving difficulties. For doctoral students to remain in good academic standing, they must have a supervisor and supervisory committee guuidelines place in accordance with program requirements.

Procedures for Scheduling a Dissertation Defense Thesis and dissertation regulations must follow the Faculty of Graduate Studies specific formatting guidelines.

york fgs thesis guidelines

The Table of Contents, List of Tables ugidelines List of Figures, where applicable, should follow the abstract or acknowledgements, if any. Please note that Discussion Topics are optional and customizable at the program and supervisory committee levels. Please note that courses cannot be counted toward two degrees.

york fgs dissertation guidelines

Time Extensions Time extensions are normally approved on a part-time basis only. Such recommendations are to be accompanied by a brief rationale and an up-to-date curriculum vitae, which may be attached to the Recommendation for Oral Examination Form.

It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that all of the specified revisions are made and the Chair will confirm that this is the case.


The required changes will be outlined in the email you receive from the Thesis Coordinator. It is important to note with some limited exceptions applicable to FESthat students who are permitted to change to part-time status are expected to register as a part-time student for a minimum of two terms.

PDF files require Adobe Reader. The page number should be not be included on the title page, although the title page is considered page i.

york fgs thesis guidelines

Ryerson have their own guidelines for submission of thesis and dissertation proposals, York: Where there has been collaboration with others in the collection or preparation of data, materials, or documentation included in the thesis or dissertation, then appropriate acknowledgment must be made in the thesis or dissertation. The line spacing must be at least one-and-a-half 1.

york fgs dissertation guidelines

The guicelines supervisor or program director will inform the student how many copies of the thesis are required for the exam. In exceptional circumstances, and with the prior approval of the Dean, one additional member may be appointed who is not a member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Students will not be able to register in the seventh term of study the onset of PhD III unless a supervisor has been approved. They must fall at the 1 inch 25 mm margin. If you would like to confirm permission in writing, you can do so by signing and completing the information below and returning this signed and completed letter in the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope by [date]. August 27, by Mary Desrocher.